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Catholic Charities to help people become heart healthy

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Screenings of seniors seeking health and nutrition services through Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri found most had symptoms of high blood pressure.

Realizing the majority of those clients suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension), the nonprofit decided to offer a program that could address the issue, said Judith Mutamba, director of Catholic Charities’ nutrition services.

The nonprofit has implemented the Mid-Missouri Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring program — placing trained program facilitators in community locations (churches, health departments and service agencies) to easily reach program enrollees in Boone and Cole counties.

Twenty-five facilitators have undertaken Centers for Disease Control and Prevention training to offer the program. Following training, facilitators may teach program enrollees how to effectively use a blood pressure monitor, which the program loans to them at no cost.

Facilitators will meet with program participants weekly, and follow up by email, text or phone to ensure participants stay on target with self-monitoring over four months. Enrollees are also required to attend one nutrition education seminar each month during the program.

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