Refugee and Immigration Services

Since the airlift of the Vietnamese in 1975, Refugee & Immigration Services (RIS) has provided a safe and hopeful refuge for those forced to flee their homelands.  Originally housed in the Diocese of Jefferson City, RIS became a part of Catholic Charities in 2011.  Over the years, we have welcomed people from countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America regardless of their color or creed.  This same welcome has been extended to non-refugee immigrants seeking legal status and family reunification.

Our staff works hard to ensure culturally competent services to our clients, offering refugees initial housing; provision of furniture, clothing, household goods and food; orientation and initial needs assessment; education placement of children in the appropriate school; introduction to government and community service providers; and extensive case management services.  Many families are also provided with a support network of individual volunteers.

Our immigration associates on staff are Department of Justice (DOJ) accredited and offer their services at a much-reduced cost compared to a typical immigration attorney.  Our associates have extensive training in their field and assist clients to complete most immigration applications.

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