Disaster Services

Catholic Charities provides services that allow individuals, families, and communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters like tornados, floods, and other catastrophes. Learn more about our services below.


At Catholic Charities, we are committed to assisting individuals, families, and communities with preparing for natural disasters.  Our trained staff are available to coordinate preparedness efforts for church groups, schools, businesses, non-profits, and anyone interested in learning how to be ready for a disaster event. 

The Catholic Disaster Preparedness Program (CDPP) is a three-part training that forms the core of our preparedness efforts:

Part 1. Preparing Individuals and Families

Part 2. Preparing Our Parishes

Part 3. Preparing Our Communities

While the training was developed by Catholic Charities agencies and Catholic Charities USA, it is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of various communities and groups. 

To learn more about how Catholic Charities can help you be prepared for a disaster event, contact Pam Mallinckrodt, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator: pmallinckrodt@cccnmo.org or (573) 635-7719. 


In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri collaborates with federal, state, and local partners to provide  assistance to meet the needs of survivors.  Examples of assistance include financial aid for shelter, food, clothing, and other basic needs, case work services to ensure survivors are being referred to appropriate resources for help, and coordinating with partners to deliver Multi-Agency Resource Centers (MARCs), one stop shops where survivors can access multiple resources all at the same time. 



At Catholic Charities, we know that recovery from a natural disaster is a marathon, not a sprint.  For survivors who have been through a traumatic event, recovery isn't always as simple as replacing a damaged roof.  

The foundation of our disaster recovery services is disaster case management.  Our dedicated case managers listen to our clients’ stories, help them identify their needs, locate resources and assist them in developing a long-term recovery plan that will lead to self-sufficiency. While this recovery process may take time, we are committed to walking alongside our clients for as long as it takes to rebuild their lives. 

To learn more about Catholic Charities Disaster Case Management Services, contact Melissa Lee, Lead Disaster Case Manager: mlee@cccnmo.org or (573) 635-7719. 


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