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Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Jefferson City are answering the call to be Centers of Charity and Mercy. We're helping with:

What are Menus of Engagement?

Menus of Engagement are creative ways to connect with Catholic Charities by using Catholic social teaching to see, judge, and act upon our call to serve our neighbors. See-judge-act is a moral and pastoral practice by which we encounter the world, seek to relate to it, and respond to the call we understand.

At Catholic Charities, we often talk about others joining our mission through giving – giving of their time as a volunteer or their treasure as a donor. Menus of engagement aim to unpack that call to join us in a myriad of other ways – by learning, experiencing, encountering, reflecting, relating, understanding, praying, serving, and giving of your gifts.

Each month we'll publish another Menu of Engagement, with new ideas and ways to serve your community, engage with our staff, and encounter those in need. We'll keep this page as a hub of that information, easy for you to access to include graphics in your parish bulletin, print them off to go home in your student's weekly folders, or bring them to your office's next lunch & learn.

Understanding See-Judge-Act


The practice of seeing, hearing, and experiencing the lived reality of others is an important first step in caring for them. How can we know what others need, or seek, without first listening and knowing them? These menu items will encourage you to learn about this month's topic, experience it in a tangible way, and encounter someone related to the month's theme.


Judging in the pastoral sense is not authoritative or disciplinary, but rather an analysis of what is occurring to make an informed judgment. It is important to consider both the social lens (practical, livable) and the theological. Making an informed judgment forms the individual conscience and spurs conversations on those judgments with others. These menu items will help you reflect, relate, and discuss the month's theme.


Gathering knowledge and experience and reflecting on that knowledge in understanding prompt us now to act. Acting justly means planning and carrying out work that is aimed at transforming the social structures contributing to suffering and injustice. These menu items will outline ways you can pray for those in need, serve alongside Catholic Charities or with your parish, and give of your resources in support of others.

This Month's Menu:

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