Kolbe Group — for loved ones of people in jail or prison to listen to, encourage each other

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Do a search on the web for “support group” in Mid-Missouri and you will be amazed at how many support groups are out there!

It is encouraging and hopeful that so many people who share a similar burden can come together and share their stories and support one another.

Now, imagine that you as a parent have a child who is incarcerated.

Or imagine one or both of your parents are incarcerated.

Imagine if a loved one was locked up behind bars.

Who would you talk to? Who do you let know that this is a reality for you?

Where is your support group in Mid-Missouri?

For some who have just read these opening lines, you do not have to imagine, because it is a reality for you. And, we believe that this is a reality that up to this point, you may have had to carry alone.

Kolbe Group wants to change that.

Kolbe Group is an ecumenical faith-based support group using the structure of the ancient Peace-Keeping circle.

It allows people to come together in a caring and safe environment to share stories, experiences, be listened to, be supported, and do the same for others who are in a similar situation.

Let’s break that sentence down a bit.

“Kolbe Group” is named after a man named Maximilian Kolbe.

Maximilian was a Roman Catholic priest who, like many, was arrested during the Holocaust.

During his captivity, one of his fellow captives escaped. Because of the successful escape, 10 men were randomly chosen to be put to death.

When one man was selected, he begged for his life because of his family that was awaiting him upon his release.

Maximilian witnessed this and said, “Let me go in his place; take me instead.”

In the end, he sacrificed his own life so that a person who was in prison could be reunited with his family one day.

What a great story of hope and encouragement for family members who have a loved one who is incarcerated!

Maximilian Kolbe is our role model; our witness.

While it is true that Maximilian Kolbe was a priest, this does not mean that Kolbe Group is only for Catholics. It is for anyone who has a loved one who is incarcerated in any county jail or prison.

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