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How to use Language Link

CCCNMO utilizes Language Link for interpretation services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients.

  1. Dial Language Link at 1-888-338-7394
  2. Enter our account number, 28845 followed by #
  3. Select whether or not a 3rd party call is needed
    1. If you do need a third-party call, you will be prompted to enter and confirm the domestic phone number used to reach the third party.
    2. What is a third-party call? A third-party call is used when you first call Language Link and then connect via Language Link to your client’s phone number, with an interpreter on the line. For special tips on how to use Language Link with a third-party caller successfully, you can click here to view this guide.
  4. Select Language by entering the corresponding number
    1. If the language you need is not listed in the options, press “9” for all other languages 
    2. If you need to speak with a customer service rep. prior to being connected with the interpreter, Enter “9” 
  5. Follow Additional Prompts (if applicable) 
  6. Lastly, log your Language Link call using the CCCNMO Language Link Log form.
    1. The form will prompt you to include everything needed to report accurate use of this service (date, time the call began and ended, language used, interpreter/operator ID#, your name and role, the program associated with the call, case number, and any grants associated with the call.)

Please note: if you are transporting clients to a medical or mental health appointment the medical office is required to provide interpretation.

What if the toll-free interpretation line isn’t working?

Language Link understands that some telephone providers do not allow customers to access toll free lines.  Because we want to ensure our customers have access to interpretation services, we assign backup local numbers for customers that may fall into this category.  If you are unable to access the toll-free interpretation line assigned to your account, you may access interpretation services by dialing the backup number 360-314-0728. Please note, that you may incur long-distance charges from your telephone provider when accessing the backup local number. 

Please contact our Client Relations Team if you have any further questions: