Housing Services

We are the local resettlement agency welcoming and serving refugees from countries across the globe as they rebuild their lives in mid-Missouri.

What We Do:

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Housing Contacts:

Housing Coordinator
Nicholas Butler

Donations Coordinator*
Debo Glay
* Part-Time

Housing Services

Working to identify and secure safe and sanitary housing for newly arrived clients

When a refugee arrival is scheduled for our Catholic Charities to receive, our Housing Team works to identify and secure safe and sanitary housing for our new neighbors. Once housing is secured, our staff clean and prepare our new arrivals' new homes. When we receive our clients at the airport, we know they are headed toward safe and comfortable housing at the end of a long day of travel. The Housing Team then works with case managers to ensure our clients feel safe and comfortable in their new homes.

Our goal will always be for our clients to gain as much independence as quickly as possible — so we journey alongside newcomers to educate them about housing in the U.S. from making maintenance requests to paying rent, and from understanding how utilities work to navigating their new neighborhood.

Working with landlords in mid-Missouri

We look forward with landlords across mid-Missouri to help house our newcomers. While we sometimes have avenues to temporarily free housing, we primarily seek traditional lease agreements for our clients. We take up the responsibility of ensuring payment for housing and educating clients on rent and utility payments as they resettle.

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri

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