Employment Services

We are the local resettlement agency welcoming and serving refugees from countries across the globe as they rebuild their lives in mid-Missouri.

What We Do:

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Employment Services

Helping our new neighbors find and secure meaningful employment and qualified benefits

Many refugees who resettle in the United States are issued a valid Social Security Number and are authorized to work upon arrival. invited into the country by the U.S. government. Finding meaningful employment is a priority for many who are rebuilding their lives after resettling. On their journey to citizenship, our staff accompanies them in finding jobs, preparing for interviews, and training in skills that help with job readiness.

Our Employment team provides free services to help refugees with the skills and support they need to successfully obtain their first U.S. job. Services include:

  • Job search coaching and employment counseling
  • Resume building assistance
  • Employer/employee connections
  • Job readiness courses
  • Interview guidance
  • Interpretation (when needed)

Refugee Temporary Assistance Connection (RTAC)

MO-RTAC serves refugee families who are eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in coordination with partners, including Missouri Family Support Division (FSD), local resettlement agencies, Missouri Job Centers, Missouri Work Assistance (MWA providers), and other culturally diverse organizations throughout the state. Through RTAC, clients receive services customized to the unique needs of refugees, considering the necessity for culturally and linguistically appropriate services that provide a holistic approach and using strength-based models to address challenges faced after resettling in their new homes.

To learn more, please contact RTAC Case Manager, Terra Eavenson.

Benefits Assistance and Coordination

Our Benefits Specialist learns and implements guidelines for services that support refugees resettling in Missouri as set forth by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). By determining eligibility and explaining clients' rights and responsibilities, our program is able to manage client cases towards self-sufficiency with supportive programs that help them navigate the many new systems they face during resettlement.

To learn more, please contact Benefits Specialist, Wylenne Thomas.

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