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Counseling Services

Providing mental health counseling services that serve the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

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Director of
Counseling Services

Dala Hemeyer
(573) 635-7719

MSW Practicum Student
Ché Wilson
(573) 635-7719

Counseling Services

Help with the whole person in mind.

Stress and anxiety are part of our daily lives, but what do you do when it gets to be too much?  Professional therapy is one way to work through stress and anxiety, and the therapists in Catholic Charities Counseling Services provide the insight and support needed to manage life problems in a more productive way.

Coping Resources Counseling Services

Coping: resources to help make it through

Angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, mood swings, substance abuse, stress, or conflict with family, friends, or coworkers happen to everyone. We...
Backpacker Helping Hand While Climbing Mountain.

The Art of Accompaniment: Becoming a Mental Health Ally

In her toddler years, my oldest kiddo tended to catch every cold that was making the rounds. And no matter...
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Harnessing the Power of Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month.  Stress is unavoidable. The demands of our work and personal lives pull us in all...
March Mental Health Blog

Lighten the Burdens: Supporting Someone Who is Hurting

March is Self-Harm Awareness Month | Please read with caution, details below image. Trigger warning: This article is intended for...
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What to do when your mood is as gloomy as the winter sky

Some will say, “If you can get through a mid-western winter, you can get through anything”. And while we mid-Westerners...

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